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Lumosity fined for deception

Lumosity fined for deception

You would have heard of or seen Lumosity, you know the one that claims to train the brain. Designed by neuroscientists and proven scientifically to help prevent Alzheimer's, not to mention improve congnitive performance in it's users.

Lumosity is basically a bunch of games that claim to "train the brain".

They were promoting a series of ads that made claims that actually weren't proven/backed by science. So they have been removed and Lumosity now must pay a fine for misleading customers.

Lumosity are now banned from making such claims.

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A video game console for pets!

Yeh... I'm not too sure about this one. It's cute.. but.. well.. maybe dog owners would get it more than me (cat owner).

Ok, so it has lots of cool features, of course you can connect to it from your phone.
It keeps a stay at home dog entertained for a while.
People love their dogs.. I love that people love their dogs.

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I'm a bit of a Samsung fan

I love it. Some will hate it, but I love it.
It's a fridge with microphones and cameras. It will respond to it's name. How funny "Hey Fridgie, write me a shopping list please". And it emails the list to your Galaxy! NICE ONE!
Even better it notifies the stores that you are out of let's say 'butter' and it get's delievered to your front door.

Imagine being at the supermarket and being able to view the inside of your fridge on your phone!

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And just for fun!!!

I'll take one of each please!

Geek Techi Gadgets!


And a must have for all good spy 'wannabes' - Check it out
Camera zoom for smart phone

Also can't go past a Cowboy Cap USB Humidifier...
Cowboy Cap USB Humidifier

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