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Interactive Functionality

Interactive Functionality

I'm a makeup fan. I'm also fond of cruelty free products.

As far as I am aware and can find information about, Cargo Cosmetics is a cruelty-free makeup brand! Their products & ingredients aren't tested on animals, & they don't hire 3rd parties to test on their behalf. Importantly Cargo products aren't sold in China

China has a policy that all products must be tested on animals to be sold and or made in China, so best to avoid anything made in China. I do my best and also try and support all things Australian while I'm at it. Keeping in mind 'One World, One People' & 'Why harm animals if we don't have to?'.

You can try lipstick on-line

Cargo Cosmetics uses a funky little too by 'FaceCake' that allows users to try various makeup such as lipstick and eyeshadow using the camera in your device.
It's fun.

"CAKE is the first in-browser augmented reality shopping platform that works with a webcam and any browser, letting online shoppers view products in an augmented reality environment directly from the product detail page without leaving the e-commerce site they are on. Instantly engaging and requiring no download, plug-ins, extensions or user input, shoppers interact with products, viewing shades live on their own image as an alternate personalized product view.
CAKE is easy for brand partners, who only have to copy a small code snippet in order to have this new augmented reality shopping platform integrated into their site."

FaceCake has a bunch of fun tools. Check them out.

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Auslan Samsung Australia

Auslan Samsung Australia

Auslan Service.

Webtiger is Auslan friendly, this means, some of the staff that work here know a bit of this amazing language.
A recent discovery while doing an assignment for Auslan Cert 3, Shoshana discovered that Samsung launched a new service in late 2015. This service provides product support in Auslan.

If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Samsung service is now available in Auslan to assist you with your enquiries: this is available through Skype: Monday to Friday, 8am - 4.30pm AEST.


© webtiger and http://www.samsung.com/au/support/auslan-service/auslanservice.html

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Open Source

Open Source

It can be very expensive to legally own software. This is fine if you are making money, but when you are starting out, wow... it's a killer. So I thought I'd provide a few great alternatives that are free & open source, or at the very least, affordable.

All Adobe product$ can now be purchased using a monthly subscription. This is great, but still expensive if you need more than one product.
Some alternatives to Adobe products are as follows:

  • Gimp - this is similar to Photoshop. Gimp is a FREE image editor.
  • Open Office - This is one of my most favourite. It's most similar to Microsoft Office. Open Office is FREE and fantastic.
  • Pages - This is a word processor for Mac and is most similar to Microsoft Word. It's wonderful to use and only $30.
  • There are a bunch of CRMs that are open source, free &/or affordable too. But I think I'll address them in a post of their own. However, if you'd like to have a look, here are a few to check out:
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Good hosting providers

Good hosting providers

There is a HUGE difference between a good host & a bad host.

I'm simply going to focus on what is good. Bad is bad, why be negative when we can be positive!

So, over the years I've found out a few things that make some hosting providers stand out in the crowd, and the gap between good & bad is incredible (think 'Great Dividing Range' big).

A good host is:
Being there for your clients while knowing the language they speak, be it Technical, Novice, English, Spanish, Aussie & so on.
Being relatable & available!
Knowing the answers & knowing when to say "I'll put you onto someone else that will know / provide this information for you / help you."
A Friendly attitude even if it's a 'boring' technical question, being friendly is well.. friendly.
Providing a products that is appropriate for the website size, needs & growth. In addition offering free guidance about which package is the most relevant.
Great ticket support. Free & paid services.
Hosts that keep customers in the loop, such as sending out regular emails about promotions, outages, issues, offers and so on.
Server reliability - having your website up constantly.
Security - offering great security against hackers/spammers.
Unlimited Ad On Domains, Sub Domains, Email, Databases, updated PHP etc..

There is one provider that ticks all these boxes and more. This is www.ventraip.com.au. Webtiger is no way affiliated with VentraIP, so we don't get any credit from saying nice things about them.
They really are something special in the hosting world!

So if you are coming to Webtiger for a new website and you don't have hosting yet, pretty please consider signing up with VentraIP. They frequently have 50% off sales too. So keep an eye out for that!

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Please press 'Save' LOTS!

Please press 'Save' LOTS!

Content is precious. Please press save!

This is SUCH a good habit to get into.

You've spent all that time brainstorming, typing and creating, imagine losing all that data?
Save often, save even when you haven't made a big change.
Just SAVE.

Good practice would be to save incrementally too. What this means is, when you save your work save it under a different name, for example:
'this_document_001' and 'this_document_002'.

Don't rely on 'Auto Save'.

Know where you are saving your work.
It's annoying when you save your work and then can't find it later when it's needed. So, take note of where you are saving data.
Create new folders when needed.
Use meaningful file & folder names. If you do misplace your work, and it has a name that is relevant, you will be able to search & find it easily.


© All content is owned by Webtiger.

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