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Open Source

Open Source

It can be very expensive to legally own software. This is fine if you are making money, but when you are starting out, wow... it's a killer. So I thought I'd provide a few great alternatives that are free & open source, or at the very least, affordable.

All Adobe product$ can now be purchased using a monthly subscription. This is great, but still expensive if you need more than one product.
Some alternatives to Adobe products are as follows:

  • Gimp - this is similar to Photoshop. Gimp is a FREE image editor.
  • Open Office - This is one of my most favourite. It's most similar to Microsoft Office. Open Office is FREE and fantastic.
  • Pages - This is a word processor for Mac and is most similar to Microsoft Word. It's wonderful to use and only $30.
  • There are a bunch of CRMs that are open source, free &/or affordable too. But I think I'll address them in a post of their own. However, if you'd like to have a look, here are a few to check out:

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