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Good hosting providers

Good hosting providers

There is a HUGE difference between a good host & a bad host.

I'm simply going to focus on what is good. Bad is bad, why be negative when we can be positive!

So, over the years I've found out a few things that make some hosting providers stand out in the crowd, and the gap between good & bad is incredible (think 'Great Dividing Range' big).

A good host is:
Being there for your clients while knowing the language they speak, be it Technical, Novice, English, Spanish, Aussie & so on.
Being relatable & available!
Knowing the answers & knowing when to say "I'll put you onto someone else that will know / provide this information for you / help you."
A Friendly attitude even if it's a 'boring' technical question, being friendly is well.. friendly.
Providing a products that is appropriate for the website size, needs & growth. In addition offering free guidance about which package is the most relevant.
Great ticket support. Free & paid services.
Hosts that keep customers in the loop, such as sending out regular emails about promotions, outages, issues, offers and so on.
Server reliability - having your website up constantly.
Security - offering great security against hackers/spammers.
Unlimited Ad On Domains, Sub Domains, Email, Databases, updated PHP etc..

There is one provider that ticks all these boxes and more. This is www.ventraip.com.au. Webtiger is no way affiliated with VentraIP, so we don't get any credit from saying nice things about them.
They really are something special in the hosting world!

So if you are coming to Webtiger for a new website and you don't have hosting yet, pretty please consider signing up with VentraIP. They frequently have 50% off sales too. So keep an eye out for that!

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