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Please press 'Save' LOTS!

Please press 'Save' LOTS!

Content is precious. Please press save!

This is SUCH a good habit to get into.

You've spent all that time brainstorming, typing and creating, imagine losing all that data?
Save often, save even when you haven't made a big change.
Just SAVE.

Good practice would be to save incrementally too. What this means is, when you save your work save it under a different name, for example:
'this_document_001' and 'this_document_002'.

Don't rely on 'Auto Save'.

Know where you are saving your work.
It's annoying when you save your work and then can't find it later when it's needed. So, take note of where you are saving data.
Create new folders when needed.
Use meaningful file & folder names. If you do misplace your work, and it has a name that is relevant, you will be able to search & find it easily.

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