Joomla CMS

Joomla! CMS

It’s a content management system just like WordPress is. Some people like one more than the other in the same way that some people like Mac vs PC. It’s much of a muchness really. I like both.

Here are some common terms.

Extension | Extensions add functionality to Joomla. They extend the core functionality. Extensions come in different forms such as ‘Components, Modules, plugins + templates’. Some extensions are free and some require a payment.

Component | These are quite complex extensions. They can extend the functionality of Joomla quite significantly.

Module | These are little extensions to Joomla. They can be quite fun, simple, complex, functional etc.

Plugin | Found in ‘Extensions –> Plugin Manager’. These are more complex than modules and components. They usually do their job in the background.

Menu | This is the navigation of the system.

Front End | This is the website that the public see.

Back End | This is the administrator area of the website. The behind the scenes area.

Alias | These are used to make the search engine friendly URLs. They can be created manually or automatically by Joomla. They are the human readable end of the url. They can only be in lower case and each word separated by a hyphen. eg:

Article | These are the pages of your website. They can have text, HTML, links, images, etc. Each article can be placed in a category. They are maintained by using the article manager.

Category | Categories are really great at keeping your site in order. Imagine this, you are building a website about cats. Your parent category would be ‘Cats’. Then you can have sub categories for things like ‘Breeds’, ‘Food’, ‘Bedding’ and so on.
Inside the categories you can put articles about each topic.

Search Engine Friendly URLs | These are also known as SEF URLS + SEF. They are more human readable than the URLs that are create by default.
EG: is a friendly url,
where as the default url would look like this:

Template | A template is something that holds the look and feel of your site together. It’s the theme of the site. Your fonts, colours + layout are all defined in the template.