Methodologies for website design

Agile & Scrum

Webtiger will follow these ideas along the project life cycle.

Agile web development is a flexible methodology that allows elements to be tweaked throughout the project life cycle. Customers have regular input & the project is constantly tested during the project.

The agile process doesn’t guarantee project success, in saying that each time something doesn’t reach it’s goal, it’s treated as a learning process allowing the team to adjust & move forward. The team are encouraged to experiment with new ideas & embrace the learning process.

Scrum – I think this is a sport term, but some nerd borrowed it & it’s now used along with Agile development. So, what is it? The Scrum approach is about the team, it’s a tool used in the agile process. We all huddle together to talk about the project, then go off our separate ways to complete our central goal. There isn’t really a team leader, we all work together, all have input, this includes the client, who is an active participant of the project (and the ‘owner’). It’s important that the owner provides feedback & direction.

Webtiger will frequently check in with the owner to ask for feedback (this is so important) & ensure you are happy with the progress of the project.

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