What's the deal with having to use HTTPS?

Yes, yes you do need https.

Google will be implementing the next stage of it’s https treatment sometime in October 2017 when it releases version 62 of it’s Chrome browser. Already if you are using Chrome and open a website that isn’t using HTTPS, you will get a warning that the site isn’t secure. In October there will be more warnings.

Mozilla (Firefox) doesn’t seem to have made an announcement about their intentions yet.

Well, what is it?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. This means more security for your website. HTTP is less secure.

In 2014 Google announced that using HTTPS will give your site a small ranking boost.

In 2016 Google shared some more information and announced that January 2017, chrome will mark HTTP connections as not secure.

In 2017, yes, it’s a really good idea to move your site to use HTTPS for all site pages. If you are using the Chrome browser any website  you visit that isn’t using HTTPS + has login or collects user info, will present a warning to the user.

SSL Certificates are affordable now. Lots of hosts will install them for you too. Such as VentraIP. If you need help with this, Webtiger can assist too.

Here is a guide from google on how to update to https. I’m not sure it’s really that easy to follow if you’ve never done it before. I could be wrong.

A little video from google 2014.