fonts for websites and fonts for print media

I love fonts. But reeeealy love fonts. I can get stuck for hours looking at fonts. Where do I look?

Google Fonts & Typekit of course.

I encourage my clients + the designers I work with (for web) to use Google fonts, mostly because they are free and don’t require a license to be used.

Typekit is not free.

Oooh, and I’m back. I just spent about an hour looking through my Typekit account. *sigh*, it’s a time killer.

So what are web vs print fonts anyway?

Well, in a very small nut shell, not every font can be used interchangeably. Some fonts that look amazing on printed items can look terrible on the web.

When you are looking for a font for your website, the best place to start is Google Fonts.

Fonts for your print media project? Well I’ll leave that one for you to talk about with the lovely graphic designers we work with.