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If you have a feminine blog, website, print media business & you are getting a little bit sick of having the same stock as everyone else. OR just sick of seeing the ‘same old’ images on the ‘same old’ stock images sites, this post is for you.

There are quite a few stunning sites to get free and paid for feminine stock. Here is my little review of each.

Shay Chochrane

Shay Chochrane photography

Image: Shay Cochrane

The queen of fem stock is Shay Chochrane. Get your credit card out and prepare to spend big, her images are expensive. There is a reason for this, they are incredible. You can sign up to her newsletter and receive a free image a month too. I love her work. If only my desk really looked like that. I don’t have much of a use for pencils, but if I did, those are the ones I’d get.

Shay sells 10 of each image, after that, no one else can buy the image. So you end up with an image that isn’t all over the net.


stock image - twigyposts

I love Twigyposts. These images are stunning. They also much more affordable than Shay Chochrane. I’m pretty sure that Twigyposts sells an unlimited amount of each image. So you won’t feel as unique using her images. But you won’t mind, because they are gorgeous.

Twigyposts offers free images to subscribers.

Haute Chocolate

Haute Chocolate stock images. Free pack

Subscribers receive some free stock from Haute Chocolate. And again, they are stunning. This site has a paid subscription service. You pay for 6 months – 1 year and can download as many images as you like. I haven’t joined…… yet……

Death to Stock

Maresa Smith created these stunning images

I’ve been a member of Death to Stock for years and years. Not all their images are feminine, but they do offer loads of free very good photos each month. They also have a premium services where even more images are available.


There are more feminine stock shops, but the ones mentioned here are my favorite. There is another blog post somewhere in this blog with a list of many  more.

Enjoy them. And I’m sorry for the many hours you are about to spend scanning through really pretty images.