tips to provide meaningful feedback to the designer

How to provide meaningful feedback

Every project is unique. Some are more complex than others, some people are more tech familiar than others & some people just have more time to spend gathering what’s needed to move forward with a design project. It’s quite tricky to have a one size fits all process for project design. However, there are some tricks of the trade and tips that will help, really help, to provide us designers with meaningful feedback to assist in keeping the project moving forward.

Name of documents

Version control and the name of documents is so important. Please title all your documents with meaningful names such as ‘home-page-v01.pdf’, or ‘home-page-12-Aug-2017.pdf’. Keep all information in that document on topic. If you have a new topic such as ‘contact-us-v01.pdf’, write a new document for that and stay on topic.

Email, don’t do it!

Everyone is familiar with email which makes it really easy to use. However it has come to my attention that we all use it differently, not only do we all have different email providers, we set up our inboxes & user methods in different ways. I have come to the conclusion that email is a terrible way to provide feedback to a designer. Information gets very lost in email threads and meaningless subject headers.

So what can be done about it, because wow, email is so easy to use, all we have to do is type our brain dump and hit send over & over again?

Dropbox + Paper. Do this one!

Dropbox is so easy to use, and it’s fun too. Some of my clients get annoyed with all the notifications that are sent out when something is edited or commented on in Dropbox, but I assure  you, there are setting for that.

Webtiger will create a folder for you at the start of the project. Everything goes in here. Think of it as an external hard drive attached to your computer. It’s just a folder where we can share files, it’s that simple.  The folder will be created and shared with you and your team. The brief will go in there, logos, images, mockups etc. It will be organised too, files will have meaningful names and be placed inside relevant folders. Documents can be archived to de-clutter our folders, if they start getting full. Once the project starts moving forward you can place all the site content in dropbox too.

We can comment in there, select areas of mockups, screen shots, documents, text etc and write specific comments on sections. We can tag the correct team member or members to make sure tasks are assigned to the correct people, oh and so much more. It’s really quite lovely.


From time to time we will set up Asana. This is a program that helps track our project tasks. It’s also pretty cool, easy to use and fun. There is documentation on how to use this program too.

In conclusion

One of the most important things to do is label all documents & images with meaningful titles. Keep documents and emails on topic. If you have something else you want to say that’s off that topic, start a new email, title it with something meaningful and keep all future comments on that topic, in that thread. Never, ever change the title of an existing email thread, that is just going to make us cry, as it’s a sure fire way to make your information get lost in a rabbit hole of email threads.

Get familiar with dropbox. Here you can start right now.

Don’t panic. Be kind. Ask questions. If you get stuck, please, please ask questions. One thing you will never, ever, never hear from Webtiger is ‘We’ve already told you’, or ‘as previously mentioned’. We are happy to repeat information & happy to try and explain things in different ways, to find a way that helps you understand. We are here to help. We are part of the same team. Let’s work together!