Launcing a new Australian Migration

Webtiger working along with HampleDesigns, The Bridge Coaching and the lovely migration team at MCA Migration Consultants Australia have launched a new migration website. Currently it’s in soft launch mode & over the next few weeks we’ll keep an eye out for any bugs, reports of bugs. The site was tested thoroughly & I don’t expect we’ll be contacted about bugs, however bugs are bugs, an unknown and usually an unwanted surprise.

Bugs + Warrenties

The Webtiger warranty covers fixing bugs for 30 days after site launch at no extra charge.

Graphic Design

Working with the talented Amanda from HampleDesigns  was and is always a pleasure. The site has changed a little since we were provided the initial design by Amanda. The process to create and build your custom designed website is agile, allowing changes and reassessment to happen throughout the project life cycle. Of course, some clients stick to the mock up design from the get go to the final product too.  We touch base along the way to make sure the client is happy with the design.

Project Management

This Migration project was managed by the very talented Emmy from The Bridge Coaching. She is organised, focused and keeps the project and team members in the know and working towards the goal post. Webtiger loved working with her and hope to do so on many more projects.

The Migration Site Launch

The site that launched this week can be found here: MCA Migration.

It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s informative. The website is responsive of course too.

This website is a stunner, it has powerful complex online forms and easy to read migration information.

In fact the contact form was used by a new client just hours after the site launch.

Delay in the project

The migration website has come at the right time, right when Australia changed the immigration laws, this announcement from the Australian government did delay our project a touch. Projects get delayed for all sorts of reasons, this was just one of them.