Staying on track with the project time line

Here are some tips to improve the success of meeting the project deadline.

Boundaries are important. Webtiger will outline what is required from all involved parties in the terms & conditions from the get go, ensuring that we are all on the same page when it comes to knowing what is expected from each of us (you’ll hear the words ‘in scope’ + ‘out of scope’ from time to time throughout the project). There should be no guessing about what is in scope, and what is not, of course if something isn’t clear, please ask.

One of the most frequent causes of a project delay is not receiving content in a timely manner, this can cause a website to come to a halt. If your project isn’t starting for a few weeks, use that time to gather your content: content refers to all the text and images in your project.

Webtiger has a lovely copywriter on standby for projects that need this service. Hiring a copywriter will take care of the ‘words‘ in your website. Webtiger also works closely with a local graphic designer for all things ‘image’, ‘branding & ‘layout’ related. Hiring professional services such as a copywriter & graphic designer will ensure that your project not only is on time, but looks + functions in the most stunning way possible.

For all clients Webtiger will set up a Dropbox folder where you are able to drag and drop all your content. We can comment and share feedback in dropbox too. We can also use Dropbox Paper.

For some clients Webtiger will set up an Asana account so we can track the progress of the project. We will be able to reduce the amount of email threads and keep the feedback organised.

If you are new to Dropbox or Asana, Webtiger can provide you with online tutorials. You will love these tools, they are going to make the project ‘managed’.

Another magnificent member of the network is a lovely project manager we work with on various projects. She is one of the most organised people I’ve met. I love working with her. Wow she keeps us all in line + informed with her focus on detail and time lines.

We will communicate as much as needed throughout the project life cycle, no matter who ends up being on the team. Communication is the key.


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