Stock Images

Where to find stock images for your website and design project

Images can be found in many places. Please be careful when selecting images for your site. No you can’t use images you find on google search, well you can, it just depends no how much of a fine you want to pay for illegally using an image you don’t own.
One of the easiest ways to get website images is by buying stock photos. You can of course go hire a photographer and have images made for your site, this can be costly, so it would depend on your time & financial budgets.

Standard stock image sites

These are not free, but may have some freebies & deals going on.


Free stock image sites (I love this one, they email me a package of stock photos monthly ish) – Lots of Vectors – very ugly site, but has some good pics from time to time. – stunning


Mostly paid downloads, but stunning and worth it.

Feminine & Flowery – stunning – there are heaps of lovely things in here.


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