CommSearch is a telecommunications site that was launched a few months ago. This is who they are:

“We work closely with you. We examine your current set-up and call charges, research various options, and tailor a package that will provide the most efficient, cost effective total communications solution.

Business, professional, corporate and individual clients have all benefited from our experience in: Exceptional call rates, Traditional Network Solutions, VoIP Solutions, Call management solutions, Mobile phone solutions, Data solutions

With a focus on outcomes, we personalises each telecommunications set up. Voice solutions (office) Mobile solutions, Internet solutions. We have the inside run to all the big names of the industry and leave no stone un-turned to make sure your communications experience is seamless and adds value to your business.

As a 100% Australian-owned communications company, the key to our success is our thorough understanding of, and links with, the local and national telecommunication markets.

With over 20 years of experience, the management team at CommSearch specialise in putting together individual solutions for clients. Not all telecommunications companies are created equal, we recognise that not all industries have the same communications needs. Indeed, no two clients are ever alike.

We have forged strategic alliances with numerous carriers and providers and hence can successfully navigate through the confusing telecommunications world – where new products, prices and concepts flood the market regularly – to find the right solution.”

Greysafe  is a .org website and was recently launched, it continues to grow with its website campaigns, but more importantly the impact it’s having on Australia. “We have seen the impact of abuse on older Australians and felt helpless when trying to help the vulnerable escape this abuse and neglect from those that are supposedly caring for them. While the system recognises the abuse, exploitation and neglect of older Australians are issues needing to be addressed, meaningful change has been too slow or ineffective.

It is up to us, families of the abused and neglected, our friends, neighbours and the broader Australian community to lead the change.

Greysafe has made it our mission to highlight the issues and importantly, put forward ideas and initiatives to help protect and empower older Australians.”

A new site launched.
Emperior Floors is a group of professionals, based in Melbourne, the company specialise in the supply and distribution of flooring products. The partnership with the established factories ensures that their products originate only from sustainably managed forests and are manufactured under the most advanced technical and eco-sensitive practices available. Their ambition is to provide customers with quality floors at a competitive price.

They are committed to meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations with competitive quality products and superior service on a consistent basis. They treat customers’ as long-term partners in our growth and development.

Emperior Floors goal is to dedicate themselves to leadership in excellence, innovation and product competitiveness through sound capital investments. Emphasis is placed on research, creativity and continuous improvement of their products and operations.

It was a pleasure to work with the Emperior Floor team. This is the second project we have worked on with this team. We look forward to working together on other projects in the future.

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