We've a new website. This is launch day.

Launch. It’s a good day!

Soft launch mode.

Webtiger is currently in ‘Soft Launch’ mode. I’ve deleted the old site, redirected all old site links, mostly finished the new Webtiger website and launched it, however, I’ve launched it without telling anyone.

In a few weeks, after I’ve tested everything and gained some feedback from various site visitors, I’ll do the fancy larger launch party.


It’s ‘safer’ this way. If there are any typos or bugs, they’ll be found by a smaller audience and can be fixed before the larger community see the site, which could be embarrassing.

I have found it really difficult to find time to work on my own projects such as my own website. I’m usually busy creating for my lovely clients. Recently launched websites include the powerful www.greysafe.com.au .  This website was launched last week and a few getting much closer to their launch date over the next few weeks.


The message of this post is that launching your website is a big deal. So having a soft launch can be very beneficial. This ensures that when you do go live to a large audience there are no bugs, no typos and no embarrassing situations. Webtiger will strongly encourage you to soft launch your site.  Please allow time for this in your timeline.

How long?

How long is a soft launch? Well, it can depend on the size of your website. If your site is huge and sells products, perhaps allow for a longer amount of time than a site that is only a few pages and doesn’t sell anything. I’m going to give my site a few weeks before I do the big ‘Go Live’ party. But some sites have waited a day or two with family and friends giving the site a good go over those few days.