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We love creating custom designed websites. Webtiger websites are developed by professionals ensuring you get real results.  We specialise in one thing, and that is to develop your online presence. We don’t do a million different things, we focus on one thing and that is developing the right website/online solution for your individual business. This fantastic little team is based in Melbourne, Australia. We are all local and are happy to work with you remotely + in person.

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The Webtiger websites & design teams work intimately with you on your professional projects. We all love developing stunning websites & digital designs.  With Webtiger you get the benefit of a talented, dedicated & Australian team, giving your websites & digital projects that extra attention only found in smaller local agencies.

Telecommunications and IT Website Launched

CommSearch is a telecommunications site that was launched a few months ago. This is who they are: "We work closely with you. We examine your current set-up and call charges, research…

Vendgo Free Vending Machine Site Launch

Recently Webtiger worked with Vendo to create their new custom designed website. The team at Vendgo were a pleasure to work with and offer a great product for businesses. Here is a…

.org Site Launch

Greysafe  is a .org website and was recently launched, it continues to grow with its website campaigns, but more importantly the impact it's having on Australia. "We have seen the…
Site launch October 2017

Emperior Floors Site Launched

A new site launched. Emperior Floors is a group of professionals, based in Melbourne, the company specialise in the supply and distribution of flooring products. The partnership…

Tibco Website Launch

Webtiger recently worked with the talented Hampel Designs to create and launch this stunning website for Tibco Designs. Tibco Designs create cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms and robes…
Launcing a new Australian Migration

Migration Launch

Webtiger working along with HampleDesigns, The Bridge Coaching and the lovely migration team at MCA Migration Consultants Australia have launched a new migration website. Currently…
We've a new website. This is launch day.

WT Soft Launch Stage.

Launch. It's a good day! Soft launch mode. Webtiger is currently in 'Soft Launch' mode. I've deleted the old site, redirected all old site links, mostly finished the new Webtiger…
New look to Webtiger

Webtiger new brand

Webtiger redesign. Well it's been a few months in the making and it's all coming together nicely. Soon Webtiger is going to have a new look, new goals, new team members and new products.…
Styled feminine stock photography

Stock Photography

Webtiger Stock Photography It's been decided that Webtiger should be producing and selling stock photography. Therefore, that's what's been happening over the past few months. For…
Wordpress safety

Website Security

This post will focus on Wordpress. Another time I'll write about WooCommerce, Magento and Joomla. I just wanted to quickly give some tips on how to do some basic security house keeping. I…
This is exciting. But let's do it properly.

Soft Launch

Yep, it's exciting to launch your website. Many times it's take a month or two to get to the launch stage. Webtiger strongly suggests that you soft launch your website before your massive…
Free website design conversatoin

Free Feminine Stock Images

If you have a feminine blog, website, print media business & you are getting a little bit sick of having the same stock as everyone else. OR just sick of seeing the 'same old' images…
What's the deal with having to use HTTPS?

Do I need HTTPS?

Yes, yes you do need https. Google will be implementing the next stage of it's https treatment sometime in October 2017 when it releases version 62 of it's Chrome browser. Already…
fonts for websites and fonts for print media


I love fonts. But reeeealy love fonts. I can get stuck for hours looking at fonts. Where do I look? Google Fonts & Typekit of course. I encourage my clients + the designers…
tips to provide meaningful feedback to the designer

Meaningful feedback

How to provide meaningful feedback Every project is unique. Some are more complex than others, some people are more tech familiar than others & some people just have more time…
Staying on track with the project time line

Stay on schedule

Here are some tips to improve the success of meeting the project deadline. Boundaries are important. Webtiger will outline what is required from all involved parties in the terms &…
Methodologies for website design

Agile & Scrum

Agile & Scrum Webtiger will follow these ideas along the project life cycle. Agile web development is a flexible methodology that allows elements to be tweaked throughout the…
A small dictonary of wordpress terms

Understanding Wordpress

I've found that many people are puzzled by some of the terminology used by nerds like me. In this post I'll define some of the most common Wordpress terminology that I use the most…
tips on writing a design brief

Design Brief

What is needed from you to start the project. Hi, it's really lovely that we are going to work together. Thank you for choosing Webtiger + our network of designers (all local). There…
Websites need files that are small enough to not slow the page load

File Sizes

Web file sizes File sizes for the web are quite different to file sizes for printing. The issue with large files The issue with uploading large files to your website is it will slow…
here is how to send a file to a new subscriber with mailchimp

Send a file to new subscribers

Do you want more subscribers? Offering an incentive like a free PDF or photograph to new subscribers is a great way to attract interest in your business & subscriber list. A…
Where to find stock images for your website and design project

Stock Images

Images can be found in many places. Please be careful when selecting images for your site. No you can't use images you find on google search, well you can, it just depends no how much…
Joomla CMS

A little about Joomla!

Joomla! CMS It's a content management system just like Wordpress is. Some people like one more than the other in the same way that some people like Mac vs PC. It's much of a muchness…
Edit images like a professional

Image editing tools

For website admins that don't know how to use or don't have Photoshop, it's really hard to get image size & image effects completed without having to pay someone.  I've been on…
Responsive website design

Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design? Back in the olden days if  you wanted your website to work on mobile devices and desktop devices, you needed to have 2 website created. *yawn*. These…

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