Hello, my name is Shoshana

Welcome to my portfolio, where I present my multidisciplinary digital designer + creator skills.

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Grounding myself in the who of the design

Website Development + Maintenance

Elevating user experience through design and maintenance

Digital Design

Empowering brands through visual design

I apply the principles of UX design

To improve the experience for clients and end users!

I create, prioritise + iterate designs

Working towards the creation of a prototype!

I present research + justify designs + process.

Focus on creating superior customer experiences!

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I am highly skilled in HTML + CSS. I bridge the realms of both the front-end and back-end!

My work…

Proficient in Adobe products including XD, Ai, Ps, Id, Ae + Acrobat. Proficient with Figma. Proficient with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix & CMS+.

No, that isn’t a picture of how my brain works, or is it? –>

If you know, you know!

Imagine there were no components or global settings in the world

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If you know, you know
Skills- html, css, wordpress, joomla, shopify, figma, ux, ui, storyboards, prototypes, css, adobe

Awesome work I have created and been a part of:

liquid, responsive design, mockup, shopify, project management
Website Dev + Design
Liquid, Shopify, Mobile, Desktop, Matrix, Config, Shipping, Rules + Complete Setup

Migration of thousands of products. Complete set up and configuration of a shopify site. Using a paid theme, customised completely to comply with business brand.

ux design, project management, process, mockup, wireframe
UX Design
Figma, Xd, Prototypes, Lo-fi, Mid-fi, Storyboards, Team Work, Research, Benchmarking, Insights, Interviews, Solutions, Ideas, Wireframes

Learning how people interact and engage with a product, service and environment. Creating a product that gives the user a good experience, one that is designed to meet the needs of the user and solves their problems.

Adobe Design
Mockups, InDesign, Photoshop, Promotional Material, Illustrator, logos, Icons + Branding

Creating promotional images for print, websites + social media. InDesign, Photoshop + Illustrator.

Access, ability, search, best practice, seo
Accessibility + Best Practice
Designs for everyone! UI Designs, SEO Best Practices, Design Best Practice.

Access for everyone regardless of ability. Inclusive design is important for all users. W3C.  People experience products in various ways, I design for all users.

Keeping skills updated – RMIT  2023

UI icon

Figma prototype

Research + prototyping

UI icon

Xd prototype

Mid-fi ideas for a Learning System

Shopify, Magento, WordPress, CMS,  Cpanel, Plesk

The benefits of good design

It can be costly not taking UX into account!

A design-driven approach continues to deliver improved outcomes!

Revenue will grow.

The cost of good design outweighs the cost of bad design.

One simple change, after taking UX into account, can result in a website generating considerable additional revenue.


Existing site maintenance

Custom templates

Code snippets, Shortcodes, Custom Fields, Content Views, Meow Apps, Wordfence, Yoast, Graphic Design.
wordpress example

Site Build

Customised theme

Avada, Branding, Graphics, Digital Design, Setup, Config, Cpanel, Css, Html, Media Queries, Wordfence, Yoast, Booking System Integration
wordpress example

Complete template customisation

Complete site set up

Divi, Global Settings, Complete Setup, Configuration, Yoast, Template, Wordfence, HTML, CSS, Training.
Wodrpess example
wordpress mockup
wordpress mockup
Magento Site
Wordpress complete setup
Wordpress site
Wordpress site
Shopify complete setup design config

Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills

I have strong communication skills and pride myself on my ability to effectively engage with clients from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of their technical knowledge. Whether discussing intricate technical details or simplifying complex concepts into non-technical language, I am patient and dedicated to ensuring clear and meaningful conversations.

Problem Solving

I approach challenges with strategic mindset.  Whether it is addressing complex technical issues or finding innovating solutions as a part of a team, I consisteently employ critical thinking and creativity.

Time Management

My strong time management skills are reflected in my consistent ability to meet deadlines and efficiently handle multiple responsibilities. I am skilled at setting clear priorities, creating well structured schedules (and sticking to them, while being flexible as needed). Being organised minimises stress and improves my productivity.

Why hire me?

Why am I interested in digital projects?

I am drawn to digital projects because they encompass everything that fuels my passion and curiosity. The challenges within the field drive me to continuously learn and grow, pushing my boundaries and problem-solving skills. I thrive on the opportunity to think creatively, turning innovative ideas into tangible solutions that benefit users and clients alike. I believe that the collective synergy of diverse talents working together yields the most remarkable results. Ultimately, my passion for digital projects is driven by the desire to craft exceptional experiences, where users can seamlessly navigate, interact, and enjoy the products, resulting in a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that keeps me engaged and motivated.

What am I looking for?

I am actively seeking roles that provide me with the opportunity to leverage my skills and expertise to contribute to the creation of outstanding websites and digital products. My passion lies in transforming ideas into visually appealing, user-friendly, and highly functional digital solutions. I am eager to collaborate with teams to turn visions into reality, whether it’s designing captivating websites or crafting digital designs. My ultimate goal is to use my skills to enhance the online experiences of users and clients, adding value and excellence to the digital landscape.

What am I currently doing to keep my skills up-to-date?

This year, I have taken proactive steps to stay at the forefront of the industry and expand my skill set. I successfully completed both a RMIT UX design course and a UI design course, allowing me to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and principles in user experience and user interface design. Furthermore, I am currently enrolled in a Certificate IV in Information Technology, further enhancing my technical knowledge. In addition to my dedication to the digital realm, I have embarked on a part-time Juris Doctor degree, and I’m proud to share that I am making significant progress and excelling in this legal degree as well. This commitment to continuous learning in both the technology and legal sectors underscores my passion for personal and professional development.