Responsive website design

What is responsive web design?

Back in the olden days if  you wanted your website to work on mobile devices and desktop devices, you needed to have 2 website created. *yawn*.

These days websites respond to the users device. One site fits almost all.

Webtiger only designs responsive websites. You would have to specifically ask us not to, if for what ever reason, you didn’t want a responsive website.

Depending on our phones

These days most of us check our phones before our eyes have even had a chance to adjust to the light of the morning. And don’t get me started about looking at a phone during day light savings when it’s still dark at 6.30am. I wonder what the damage is to our eyes. Kids – tip – study to be an opthamologist, we are gunna need you soon enough.

So, as we are all so obsessed + dependent on our phones, it’s important that the the websites we create ‘work’ on mobile devices. If your primary audience is mobile users, we will design for mobile first and move onto the desktop version after.

Even though we aren’t making separate sites anymore. We still should take into consideration the amount of screen space that is available on different screen sizes and orientation.  Not everything that is on the desktop version needs to go on the mobile version. It can be a slightly different experience on each devices.

If you want to know how your users are using your website on different devices consider using Google Analytics.