This is exciting. But let's do it properly.

Yep, it’s exciting to launch your website. Many times it’s take a month or two to get to the launch stage. Webtiger strongly suggests that you soft launch your website before your massive media campaign kicks off. This will allow you to use that time during your soft launch to asses your market fit and gather leads. Be open to making updates based on the feedback you receive during the soft launch process.

You will also be able to use this time to discover hidden bugs, refine your blog, update any missed typos, and get feedback from the smaller audience. Ask family and friends to give you feedback.

Another benefit is being able to tell new and targeted customers that they are getting an exclusive preview of your site before general launch, this will deepen your relationship with clients and hopefully give you more leads. You can test out your branding and products on them and you can practice talking your talk.

Spend some quality time researching and implementing any other tools you are going to need as your business grows. Such as project management tools, to-do-lists and social media.

Just use this time to take a breather and focus on refining your content and approach. Get accustomed with your analytic tool and any other software you are going to be using as your business grows. You may not have time later.

Once you have your head around who is using your site and how (because it may not be who and how  you expected), and once you have skills in using the software for your business, GO FOR IT.