Recently Webtiger worked with Vendo to create their new custom designed website. The team at Vendgo were a pleasure to work with and offer a great product for businesses. Here is a little about them:

Vendgo Melbourne is a small yet successful vending company that operates throughout Melbourne and services most metropolitan areas. Vendgo Melbourne is made up of a small team of industry professionals with over 20 years of customer service experience. Since you are not dealing with a big corporate structure, things get done quickly as we have our own in house transport, maintenance & restocking vehicles.

Vendgo Melbourne has rapidly earned its reputation as a leader in the vending industry, exceeding its customers’ expectations.

This is a standard site. If you are interested in having webtiger create a standard site for you, please contact us. The designs are unique, we don’t use a template that will be the same as everyone else. Webtiger will sit with you and talk about and create a design that is unique for your brand and requirements.

Greysafe  is a .org website and was recently launched, it continues to grow with its website campaigns, but more importantly the impact it’s having on Australia. “We have seen the impact of abuse on older Australians and felt helpless when trying to help the vulnerable escape this abuse and neglect from those that are supposedly caring for them. While the system recognises the abuse, exploitation and neglect of older Australians are issues needing to be addressed, meaningful change has been too slow or ineffective.

It is up to us, families of the abused and neglected, our friends, neighbours and the broader Australian community to lead the change.

Greysafe has made it our mission to highlight the issues and importantly, put forward ideas and initiatives to help protect and empower older Australians.”